A-Type 4

A-Type 4

SKU: A-Type4 kit

The Reynolds A-Type 4 is a first order A-Format ambisonic microphone, designed with input from leading spatial sound designers for ease of use, light weight and physical robustness.


Each of the four matched 14mm capsules has 78dB signal to noise ratio,  -31dB sensitivity and 127dB max SPL, making this mic ideal for recording a wide range of inputs, from quiet ambiences to roaring engines.


The standard mic kit comes comes with a custom 22mm Rycote BBG windshield, specifically designed to allow the mic to sit precisely in the centre of the shield, in order to provide the best wind protection, and a Rycote INV7HG shockmount. 

 Also included is a 2m long Canford HSJ4 ultra flexible 4 way double reussen shielded microphone cable with a Neutrik Minicon connection at the microphone end, and four Neutrik XX XLR tails at the other. The Minicon connector locks in place with one hand and provides a reliable connection in all conditions.


IP67 connectors and custom cabling options are available on request. If you have a particular blimp to design around, the mic is also available in various body lengths and diameters.  


The mic design was developed over several years of prototyping, culminating in the current design - manufactured from SLS 3D-printed nylon 12, coated with electrically shielding nickel plate, the microphone weighs in at a remarkable 68 grams. Nylon's flexibilty and acoustic properties make this the ideal material, not least of all because nylon does not suffer from any of the condensation problems seen in many metal bodied microphones in humid or cold conditions.


It's also very strong, you can stuff the mic in your bag without needing a bulky protective case, (we recommend keeping the mic inside the BBG for storage)  and the mic will survive a fall from any height.  


Demo mics are available (with a small deposit) on request. 


The A-Type 4 is currently built to order, so allow a few weeks to receive your mic.