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The R-Type 1 is a classic multipattern valve amplified large diaphragm condenser microphone. Featuring a single triode subminiature valve in a plate follower configuration, the R-Type combines many design features of the classic vintage European microphone designs of the 1950s and 60s.


The microphone ships in an aluminium flightcase with a high quality shockmount, 5m 7pin gold plated microphone cable, and a vintage-style power supply with a 9 position selector switch to set the microphone's pickup pattern to fig8 through cardioiid to omnidirectional. Optional upgrades include a 5 metre Gotham GAC-7 premium 7pin microphone cable with Neutrik XX connectors. Gotham make the highest EMI and RFI shielded cable around and this upgrade further enhances the resolution and clarity of the microphone signal.

Reynolds R-Type 1

SKU: 000001
  • The R-Type 1 has a pleasingly forward sound, which cuts through a mix with ease and brings out details in voices, instruments and drums. It's a great all rounder, and would be an excellent addition to any project or professional recording studio.

  • The R-Type 1 microphone comes with a limited lifetime guarantee against component failure assuming reasonable care is taken when using the product. The military specification valve should last for many years but it is always important to treat microphones with care as there are delicate components included in the design.


    The microphones must be kept clean and dry, and care must be taken to avoid plugging the microphone into the power supply when it is switched on, as this will drastically reduce the life of the valve.

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