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Reynolds Microphones proud to announce Sounding Wild endorsement.

Axel Drioli has been a long time collaborator with Reynolds microphones and has been instrumental in field testing and developing new features of the A-Type 8 and A-Type 4 ambisonic microphones.

We started out with basic first order prototypes back in 2018 or so and have since developed many variations of both first and second order microphone arrays, specifically designed to be as robust as possible in harsh field environments while always delivering the most natural noise free recording.

Many examples of how the A-Type mics perform can be heard here on Axel's Immersive Field Recording site.

Axel and his brother Ario are currently making their way down the west coast of Africa on their 'Wings Across Continents Expedition' under the banner of 'Sounding Wild' following the migratory paths of birds on their way south, recording and reproducing immersive sound and image on their journey.

We built Axel extra long CAT7 cabling to allow remote recording 100m from the microphone using waterproof aerospace grade connectors and I believe Axel is currently working on methods to prevent interested Jackals from trying to bite through his cables! We also installed a quad of spaced omnis in Axel's Land Cruiser roof-rack for an always-ready spaced array for ambience capture and generally armed the team with a wide range of microphones to capture the true sounds of the wildlife and environments they encounter.

Axel and Ario's Sounding Wild Initiative is now supported by leading sound effects platform, Soundly, and many of the recordings Axel is making on their trip are being made available on Soundly's Pro Library. If you are interested in hearing more about their story please continue reading on Soundly's Blog.

Reynolds Microphones is proud to support Sounding Wild and we hope the collaboration continues for many years to come.

We also plan to capture a live conversation with Axel from one of their African destinations, where we can go into greater depth on how he uses Reynolds Microphones products. Watch this space for more new product alerts, both here and on Reynolds Microphones social media channels.

Please get in touch if there are particular products you would like to hear more about or if you have any stories of your own about Reynolds Microphones products.




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